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Rated 5.00 out of 5


  • 2 grams
  • Juicy Melon Dew – Sativa
  • Berry Blow Pop – Indica
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Fryd extracts is a new vape brand that broke into the scene at the beginning of 2023. They have quickly become one of the most sort after brands comparing with industry giants such as Jeeters.

Fryd extracts is the first 2 gram disposable brand. There had being a lot of talks that a 2gram disposable wasn’t possible  fryd 2g took it up as their mission. The main benefit of a 2 gram disposable is the smoke more for less of course.

The fryd pens team produced both the live resins and the liguid diamonds to ensure there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Fryd vape pen are a game-changing vaping product that offers both convenience and eco-friendliness. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, Fryd Disposable Carts and ghost carts offer a hassle-free, consistent, and high-quality vaping experience. And with a wide range of flavors and options to choose from, there’s a Fryd Cart for everyone. So why not give Fryd Dispo a try and experience the ultimate in convenient and eco-friendly vaping? Aim high with Fryd!

Fryd carts has gained popularity in recent years, luckily for you they are now exclusively available at a Spliff Nation Dispensary in Washington DC near you!

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Berry Blow Pop, Juicy Melon Dew

1 review for Fryd Extracts 2g Disposable

  • Kevin F.

    April 7, 2024 at 2:07 pm

    5 out of 5

    Both flavors were dope! High off one pull. Smooth hits too. Love these 2 gram disposables


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