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  • Full Gram
  • 87.23%THC

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Introducing new Rove Disposables! The enthusiasts behind Rove noticed the cannabis industry’s growing interest in vape pens and cartridges. Already established in various arenas within the marijuana industry, they looked amongst their peers and individually came to the same conclusion: “we could do a lot better with more transparency.” In 2015, they quickly banded together to combine their wealth of cultivation, extraction, and laboratory experience to create Rove. Their tremendous growth started on day one. Initially working with a small number of outlets, their products were met with an uncommon enthusiasm. Each week saw Rove opening new dispensary relationships with more and more demand for their products.


These disposables have a unique slim design that is preferred by most do to the simplicity of it. These full gram disposables are now available exclusively at Spliff Nation Dispensaries.


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